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Packing Cubes
Passport Holder
Packing Cube
Passport Holder

He has done it again. I heard "Where are my socks? The ones with the blue stripe on the toe?" and I knew he was rummaging around in the suitcase again, making a mess. Before we leave again on a trip together, I will make sure he has a packing cube for his socks. Maybe even two - one for the clean socks and one for the dirty socks. I thought two or three of these little packing jewels would be enough between us, but I didn't realize how absolutely wonderful they are in organizing a suitcase. Maybe I'll even order them in two colors. One color for his cubes and one for mine!

Item number 20486
Colors: Black, Red, Blue
Small - $6.50
Medium - $9.50
Large - $12.50

Have you ever had that feeling that you didn't have them? The plane tickets? A moment of panic? I did that once. I ran to buy a quick latte to carry on board, and left the plane tickets on the counter when I paid the cashier. "This will never happen again," I told myself. I will not be stranded again in London without my tickets. (Maybe that wouldn't be so bad, after all!) I came home and ordered a passport holder. It organizes my plane tickets, passport, hotel reservations, receipts, credit cards, and even has a spot to slip in a pen and notepad. Best of all, it has a strap to attach to my wrist while I carry my coffee cup through the airport.

Item number 84301
Colors: Black or Navy

I felt sorry for her. She was trapped in the center seat of a full flight, between two seatmates from you know where. One had a litany of opinions on everything and was not bashful in sharing them with her. The other was snoring loudly, and had been almost from takeoff. If she had just had my noise canceling headphones, she would have had some relief, but, alas, I wasn't sympathetic enough to give her mine. How else would I arrive in Paris relaxed and ready for the first day of new adventure? Not only do they block out undesirable noise from the cabin and jet engines, they can also be used to plug in to the in-flight entertainment system.

Item number 56032
Color: Black

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