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Equipment Rental
You may be wondering why we charge to rent our equipment when we are already charging a fee for the float. We do this because we have many repeat customers who have invested in their own gear. We want to be able to charge them a lower price than we charge those who don't own equipment. Therefore, the more you bring along with you, the less your float will cost! Our basic float price is $20.00 without equipment. Add the amounts on the table for the equipment you will need to the basic price, and you will have the total price of the float. We also take an action shot of you on the water that is included in the price of the float.
Kayaking on the River
Canoe $10.00 Life Jacket $3.00
Kayak $9.00 Helmet $2.00
Two-Man Rubber Raft $7.00 Dry Packs $1.00