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poached pear


After an exciting evening at the theatre, finish your evening with one of our dessert specialties of the house and a blend of your favourite coffee or espresso from our coffee bar. We have several fabulous desserts to tempt you as you sip your coffee and reflect on the evening's performance. First, our Poached Pear. A succulent Anjou pear is poached in red wine syrup then glazed with a raspberry lemon reduction. Thinly sliced toasted almonds add just the right touch. Next is our Les Oranges Confites. Fresh orange sections are slowly simmered in a sugar syrup until they begin to caramelize. At that point, we whisk in mint and a bit of Grande Marnier. Heavenly! Last, but not least is our Treble Cheesecake. Treble Cheesecake is made with layers of fine-quality white and dark chocolate, and a heavy custard cream base with a hint of cherries. The cheesecake is finished with a dark chocolate leaf garnish.