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We have some planting tips we would like to share with you as you prepare your gardens this season. Remember, there is always something to be done for your gardens, no matter what the season. Our experienced staff is here to help you plan your gardens, select your plants, prepare your soil, assist you in the planting, and maintain your beds. Check out our calendar for a list of our scheduled classes. All classes are free of charge and on a first-come, first-served basis!

Seasonal Gardening Checklist:  Basic Gardening Tips
  1.  Select plants according to your climate.
  2.  In planning your garden, consider the composition, texture, structure, depth, and drainage of your soil.
  3.  Use compost to improve the structure of your soil.
  4.  Choose plant foods based on your garden objectives.
  5.  Generally, plants should receive one inch of water per week.
  6.  Use mulch to conserve moisture, keep plants cool, and cut down on weeding.




























































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